Purchasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can be an exciting adventure that opens a new world of mobility. With so many options and features to choose from, doing a little pre-shopping preparation will make the process easier and ensure you find the right vehicle for your needs. Here are 5 tips for buying a mobility vehicle:

  1. Decide on Your Vehicle Needs –  Buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle is a long-term solution, so it’s critical to think about the future as you make your decision. Functionality is the first step to explore. Ask yourself the following:
    • How many people will typically travel in your vehicle? Will the primary driver be the caregiver or the wheelchair user?
    • Do you need extra room for height, weight, or a large power wheelchair?
    • Do you prefer a rear-entry vehicle or a side-entry vehicle?
    • Do you prefer a slide-out ramp or a fold-out ramp?

    Once you have an idea of your must-have features, you can create a list of potential vehicles and shop with confidence.

  2. Research Key Features –  After creating a list of needs, it’s time to begin building a list of wheelchair accessible vehicles that fit your requirements. The best way to do that is by exploring the cars that have each of the features you need and want. When comparing your options, take your time. Do your homework on key features and try to list them in order of priority. Each Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle has unique characteristics and features to choose from including side-entry minivans with manual or powered ramps, wheelchair accessible SUVs & full size wheelchair accessible vans.
  3. Understand Your Vehicle Options –  Take the time to explore more about the vehicle makers. Start with learning how a wheelchair conversion is built. Then you can look at the different styles of conversions side-entry minivans with manual or powered ramps, wheelchair accessible SUVs & full size wheelchair accessible vans.
  4. Know Your Budget  – Wheelchair accessible vehicle price ranges vary greatly. Your final cost will be influenced by the type of vehicle (chassis) and conversion (ramp system) you choose and if you buy new or used. You can search for vehicles by year, make, ramp type, and new or used in our inventory section.Research financing and loan programs. Our financial assistance options include loans, fundraising programs, rebates, and veteran specific benefits.
  5. Take It For A Spin You’ve done all your vehicle buying homework and now you’re ready for a test drive; the most exciting part of the buying process. This phase is the best time to bring caregivers, loved ones, or friends along for the ride. Ask for their feedback on the vehicle, options, and comfort. If you’re not able to come to our location, we can bring a vehicle to you.

Shopping for and buying a vehicle doesn’t have to be complicated. We are always just a phone call away to help you find your next wheelchair accessible vehicle!