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Action Trackchair Funding Resources

Here are a few options to fund an Action Trackchair.


If you are an individual who would like to use an Action Trackchair or Action Trackstander for agricultural purposes, an Agstar loan or funding assistance through Agrability are two options. Agstar loans money at lower interest rates to qualifying individuals. You can find out more about Agstar at

Many states have an Agrability Chapter, which would be operated through your state’s college system. Many of the chapters in our Distributorship are very familiar with the Trackchair and are willing to work with you. The national website for Agrability is


As seen on The Factor with Bill O’Reilly, and on Fox News, The Independence Fund’s Mobility Program provides disabled veterans the chance to get back outside so that they can enjoy the outdoors through a variety of devices that include all terrain wheelchairs and adaptive bicycles. Their application is online, and can be accessed at


Semper Fi and America’s Fund have both assisted with all aspects of care for post-911 wounded, critically ill and injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. This has included purchasing Action Trackchairs for those who desire to get off the pavement and back outdoors.

Visit Semper Fi Fund Website


The Action Trackchair Eagle and Action Trackstander Falcon are now available to veterans through the Veterans Administration.

The Veterans Administration Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service (PSAS) does provide both the Eagle and the Falcon models to veterans, both are FDA cleared devices.

Veterans that meet proper medical justification will be considered for an Action Trackchair Eagle or Trackstander Falcon all terrain wheelchair.

Veterans click Here and print document published by the Veterans Administration Patient Care Services and present a copy to their VA doctors and therapists on their next visit to the VA hospital/clinic.


Both the Eagle and the Falcon models allow veterans with mobility limitations the opportunity to experience an increase in freedom and independence. The opportunity to leave the confines of their home to get off the sidewalk and navigate through water, mud, snow, ice. Going up and down hills taking part in everyday activities like work, yard chores and hobbies. Rejoining family and friends attending outdoor events and taking part in activities that were thought to be gone forever. The Falcon and the Eagle are at the forefront of restoring quality of life to our veterans.

Online fundraising can help raise money for you or someone you know. The crowdfunding site we recommend is GoFundMe. To learn how GoFundMe works or to start your own Click Here

You can apply for financing with Affirm right on our website after you build your Action Trackchair.

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